November 11, 2006
Party at The Geisha House

Following the premiere of his new film "Fast Food Nation," Wilmer Valderrama threw a hell of a party last night in the upstairs club of his Geisha House restaurant last night. Cary Elwes, Avril Lavigne, Catalina Sandino Moreno, Richard Linklater and a host of Searchlight troops were in attendance for a very nice change of affairs where the Oscar season event typicality is concerned.

Personally, my heart nearly lept out of its chest when I met Ms. Moreno, stunning as ALWAYS. This girl should be a movie star. Seriously.

Valderrama was warm and accompanying as he was surrounded much of the night by star-hungry female persuasion, and Mr. Linklater seemed laid back and into the groove of a dance-heavy Friday night. The usualy meet-and-greats were drowned out by loud music, so shouting at the top of one's lungs when speaking to these individuals was the norm. Luckily, it didn't seem like business so much as simply hanging with these folks on a weekend in Hollywood. Very cool.

I must say, though, having your name on "the list" of a Valderrama party and seeing the look on numerous girls' faces who are dressed-to-the-nines and hoping to slide in on your coat tails is hilarious indeed. I slipped past the curtain along with my guest and heard a few of them trying the "I'm with him" schtick, but to no avail.



Why did you go if you hated the movie though? I liked FFN personally, but you gave it 1.5 stars and it's not an Oscar movie, so...

Because it's not always about what you think of films in this town. It's about relationships and, you know, having a good time when you're invited to an event by a studio that just happens to be hip enough to do stuff like this.

And regardless of what I think of this film or any other, I still have respect for those involved. Why on Earth would I turn this kind of invite down anyway?

Also, not everything is about something being an "Oscar movie" or not. Again, relationships.

Heh. Well, I certainly know why you were there, Kristopher. I'm not a rocket scientist, either...

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