November 02, 2006
"Breaking and Entering" for the SAG and WGA

Another Pacific Design Center event, and it was a peculiar one in some ways. Moderating the Q&A with Anthony Minghella and Robin Wright Penn after the screening (no, I don't sleep much these days), I noticed a strange divide in the audience.

Some really and truly loved the film, the atmosphere it creates and the view of relationships it presents. Most of these people were older and had more life experience (said the 24-year-old blogger). The other half of the crowd seemed a little more affected by skepticism and an unwillingness to accept what Anthony was attempting to present. Curious.

I didn't get a lot of time to chat with Anthony and Robin (stunning as always) because they had to scoot to another Q&A in Sherman Oaks. But Anthony is such a hypnotic speaker, I have to say. As he would answer question with that measured quality of his, I would at times catch Robin looking on with that certain sense of warm wonder that is impossible to avoid. I could personally listen to him talk about love, heartbreak, emotional scar tissue and hope all day long.

I really hope this film finds a comfortable place int he awards season. Or at least in the hearts of those who understand everything it has to say.


I'm glad you're so impressed with this film. I adore all Anthony Minghella's work and this has definitely been the movie I've been waiting for all season. I really hope it doesn't get ignored in the midst of all of the other big December releases.

In award's arena, it worths to remember its thin start in the nominations for the British Independent Film Awards. And, personally, I'm all skepticism on Minguella after the unglorious Cold Mountain.

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