November 30, 2006
"Borat" Bash

The stars turned out in droves last night for a cocktail reception in honor of the success of "Borat" at Fox honcho Jim Gianopulos's abode. I remain the last guy on earth who hasn't seen the film, I might add, but I did catch quick glimpses of the DVD playing non-stop in the guest house.

"Entourage"'s Jeremy Piven, Geena Davis, "School of Rock"'s Mike White, David Arquette, "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"'s Nia Vardalos (with husband Ian Gomez), "Mr. Show"'s Steven Odenkirk, Gary Shandling, "Lost"'s Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, "Scrubs"'s Donald Faison, "South Park"'s Matt Stone (lots of comedians turned up) - you name it, they were probably lurking in the wings. And of course, the Pete Hammonds, Jeff Wellses, Sasha Stones and Anne Thompsons of the world were in various nooks and crannies, all in honor of the evening's guest, Sacha Baron Cohen, weathering the storm of a crowd of ogling admirers. Wife to be Isla Fisher was also there to support her man.

All in all a classy evening. Loved the band belting the festive "borat" tunes. I also loved the fact that John C. Reilly and Catherine Keener closed the joint down like true pros!


Whoa, Kris, haven't seen Borat? Get down to a theater pronto!

I know, right? Fox didn't screen the damn thing at all in October, that I know of, so that made things difficult. Maybe I'll finally take it in this weekend.

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