October 17, 2006
"The Nightmare Before Christmas" at the El Capitan

A great turn-out tonight for the premiere of "Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas 3-D" at the El Capitan theater in Hollywood. It was hard to miss Marilyn Manson (second time I've bumped into the guy in a week) gabbing to the press, and John Heder made his way up the red carpet as well. Had a few choice words with John Lassetter about the direction of the 3-D platform for some of Disney's past excursions, etc. Really chill all around, frankly.

The movie was fine, if not really made for a 3-D experience to begin with. Not a lot of effects and such popping out at you, but fun nonetheless. The festivities across the street afterward were a blast, as entertainers on stilts criss-crossed a Highlands restaurant full of a jazzed crowd swaying to the sounds of "Ghostsbusters," "Thriller" and Danny Elfman's "Batman" score. The whole place was decorated accordingly, pumpkins galore, a delicious Wolfgang Puck catered buffet of Thanksgiving yummies.

Mr. Burton was cornered most of the night by adoring fans, past acquaintances and business partners. The poor guy had a difficult time slipping out of his booth at one point to finally make his exit, hounded by folks looking for autographs and photo ops. But ever gracious and friendly, he humored all comers.

All in all a pleasant evening. It certainly puts me in the mood for the fall season. I want some more of that turkey!


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