October 29, 2006
"Fiction" Makes Waves with SAG

Another SAG screening tonight, this time for Marc Forster's "Stranger Than Fiction" at the Pacific Design Center.

I again moderated the Q&A afterward, a panel including WilL Ferrell, Emma Thompson and Dustin Hoffman which received a lengthy standing ovation to kick things off. The back and forth was marvelous, with lots of laughs and yours truly getting to play the casual butt of jokes from Hoffman and Thompson (I guess you just don't get that opportunity too often). But all in good fun and the audience was a lively bunch. The auditorium was also packed with no walkouts prior to or during the Q&A, which is always a good sign for a film, obviously.

Producer Lindsay Doran joined the fray spontaneously half-way through, which made for a nice peripheral commentary. I understand last week's PGA screening of the film went very well, with Lindsay answering questions from another loaded auditorium.

All in all, a great showing for the film - and really, an honor to just share the stage with those individuals.


Again, I am impressed by how quickly you have risen in the Hollywood world. You are what, 24? 25?

Are you still attempting to be a screenwriter? Cause man, you got a dream of job sitting there on your lap right now.

Great sight! Where are the screenings generally held?

I'm 25 in two weeks, John. And yeah, I'm still a screenwriter. I never have time to get to mine own stuff nowadays, which is depressing. But filmmaking is the long haul for me. In the meantime, the connections, experiences and benefits journalism and being neck deep in the awards season present are enjoyable to say the least.

Awww, you're doing fine, sugarplum. You don't need to rush. There's lots of time for writing. The world will be yours all too soon...Trust me.

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