October 03, 2006
Closing the gaps...

In a year with this many good films, the bad stuff is bound to surface. I should be cleaning my plate of some extremely negative reviews of "For Your Consideration" and "Marie Antoinette" in the coming weeks. A few straggler screenings to knock out first and I'll just hand it all off in a rush. But I have to say, Ms. Coppola REALLY missed the boat in her respective effort. Not so much that it grates the nerves and makes one want to disintegrate her existence or anything, but if I weren't fond of her to start with, things could easily have gone that way.

More later. Tonight - another helping of "The Departed!"


Sad to hear about Marie Antoinette, but if there's one movie this year that I think people truly have to see for themselves to get an opinion, it's this.

Like her other movies, it seems very love/hate.

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