October 13, 2006
A Crowning Achievement

I didn’t get a chance to see "The Queen" before today. But this experience of seeing it in an actual paying crowd was absolutely worth it. Only playing at one theatre in the city, the theatre had to move it to a screen that seats more people because of excessive sell-outs! And was this crowd ever into it.

Everything you've heard about Helen Mirren is true – she captures the essence of Elizabeth Windsor wonderfully but also crafts an utterly fascinating and layered character who we get to truly feel as though we know. We see her stiffness. Yet we see her love. We see what makes her tick. Yet we see her sorrow. (It’s also an ideal Oscar performance but also one that actually deserves the accolades it will get).

Yet the film is much more than just her – it’s incredibly concise, consistently engaging, quite insightful (regardless of liberties taken it feels very honest) and – here’s the real surprise – a great deal of fun. Peter Morgan has delivered what is the best script of the year so far, to go with his also outstanding work with Jeremy Brock on “The Last King of Scotland”. Not only is the structure brilliant but humour, drama and poignancy are combined with so many dynamic and compelling characters; that the individuals being portrayed are still alive, and that the events on screen are so memorable, makes the experience all the more unique. And Frears himself crafts what is his best film since “Dangerous Liaisons” 18 years ago.

I was entranced. Bravo to all involved.


Yeah, I'm finally taking the leap and sticking it into my Best Picture predictions on Monday. Picture, Director, Actress, Supporting Actor, Original Screenplay, Costume Design, Makeup and Original Score. Considering the acclaim, 8 nods doesn't seem excessive.

I have to say I'm doubtful on Costume Design (given the rarity of contemporary nods in that category) but apart from that, I'd say all those are very possible with Picture, Director, Actress, Screenplay and maybe even Makeup (which is a bizarre category year after year even if this is the sort of stuff they like) likely.

Not sure it would really be seen as contemporary on the costumes. There are still an array regardless, and that can stand out just the same. If there is any tech support, I think that's where it will be. I'm not certain on Desplat, though, as the score is so small. And he's got The Painted Veil on the way too.

I am not confident on Desplat at all; but I do feel the time may be right should the film make it to Best Picture.

We'll see on the costumes though it still strikes me as a tad contemporary for their tastes.

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