September 01, 2006
"What if" indeed...

There is a film premiering next week in Toronto that is, at least in my view, a formidable contender to win Best Picture this year at the Oscars. Politics is always something that can divide the critical masses, but the Academy listens to its gut in such situations, and I think what we have on our hands is a hot contender that the boomer generation will cling to and hold up on high. Some will love it, some will hate it, much like last year's victor. But I'm quite content in considering it one of the year's best. 2006 just keeps getting better and better.


Another Kris Tapley tease... sigh.

What can I say? I'd like to let as much information out as I can (responsibility) without actually breaking my word (ethics). In any case, I never make it hard for the reader. Another week and it'll be out of the bag anyway.

I think it's The Last King of Scotland

Could you tell the movie name?? "All the king's men" or "The Last King of Scotland"??

I haven't yet seen "All the King's Men." Next week.

I don't think "The Last King of Scotland" has Best Picture in its future as Fox Searchlight are being very smart about where the passion is on their slate of films.

YOU'RE KILLING ME. To WIN next year's Oscars? To WIN? No teasing the monkeys.

Could it be Bobby? I have heard some raves as well as so hatred. Seems like a baby boomer movie if I have ever seen one

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