September 22, 2006
"Last King" goes to the Academy

Beautiful spread at the Academy tonight for the premiere of "The Last King of Scotland." I got the chance to chat with James McAvoy afterward, a charming fellow to say the least. Also caught up with Kevin Macdonald again. I'll be moderating his Q&A at the DGA screening Sunday night, but it was good to get some face time following a brief interview for the NY Times back in March.

All in all, the film was well received. Chatting with Kevin and James (never made it over to Forest), they would conjure lines of people that wanted to tell them how powerful the film was, and how moving, how electric, etc. Fox Searchlight seems to also be getting the indication that, even with the passionate love for "Little Miss Sunshine," maybe "Last King" is the pic to throw their weight behind.

Oprah Winfrey had Whitaker on her show this afternoon also, and apparently she said she's seen the film three times, having only seen "The Color Purple" twice. Watch out when she slings her weight behind a film. Remember that full cast special on "Crash" last year?

Oh, and yes, "Last King" is still the best film of the year after a second helping. :)


Wow Kris... moderating a Q&A. Congratulations, you're really moving up quickly.

Oh it's nothing. I have an interesting history with the film (Kevin's interview with me back in March was his first press on the film, I read the novel and dedicated a "Page to Screen" entry to it, I obviously love the film, etc.). So I'm sure Fox just knows I'd have a lot of things to discuss in a Q & A environment. But thanks.

(SEE - I can be modest sometimes.)

Great to hear. If there's one movie I'm rooting for, this is it. I would love to see it get more than just Whitaker (McAvoy, Picture and Macdonald would be a dream come true). I really hope FS does go behind this one, it hasn't lost its impact a week later.

Yikes...that is significant...that piece of info alone makes me think i need to predict last king as a best pic nominee.

--RC of

I just can't see it happening for this movie in best pic but I'll smile if you prove me wrong. And LMS will SWEEP the Indie Spirits, but best picture???? Sideways, it ain't.

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