September 08, 2006
It's tough to be "King."

Not a total misfire, but uneven enough to be concerned. Moments of power and definitive artistic strokes help to forgive structural disintegration. One nomination is pretty much guaranteed, and since he has three films in the works this year, it was just a question of which one...this is it.

I'll get into it further in a few days.


Jude Law?

I'm sort of puzzled by that, too. It's not Penn, not Hopkins. Not Horner. Not Pawel Edelman. Law's the only one with three '06 films in the works. Provided we're talking All the King's Men and not Last King of Scotland. And I really hope we are.

He's obviously talking about the person who also has "Apocalypto" and "The Good Shepherd" coming out.

I'll be seeing this at TIFF. I'm quite curious about it.
What do you think the overall critical reaction to the film will be, Kris?

Positive, but passes, no raves.

Hi, how is the accent of the English actors: Law, Winslet, Hopkins??, thanks

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