August 04, 2006
Long Week

AGAIN. Ducking out early this week, but there's also not much to talk about. I've seen some things I can't comment on, but at least I'll be able to scratch the surface of that with Monday's "Page to Screen" column.

I caught "The Illusionist" at last night's Movie City News screening, which I might review, might not, who knows? It was a solid film, nothing fantastic, but a good starting point along with "Interview with the Assassin" for director Neil Burger. And Jessica Biel is surprisingly good in the film.

Anyway, check back next week for some "Page to Screen" action, another Oscar column, charts, etc. Go see "Talladega Nights" this weekend, because it's just...funny. Gerard will be kicking off "Tech Support" on Thursday, August 17, so stay tuned for that as well. I think that about clears the plate.

Enjoy the weekend. And if you read the New York Times, be sure to give my Sunday piece a look (on New Line's upcoming "How to Eat Fried Worms").


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