July 14, 2006
Where did that come from?

I certainly wasn't expecting Christopher Nolan's "Batman Begins" follow-up to have this much texture and style. How foolish of me.

Take a look at the trailer for "The Prestige" and tell me that doesn't look like a heck of a unique and potentially trippy time at the movies. Given the look of the film, I think we're definitely looking at a contender in various technical races, most especially Wally Pfister's atmospheric cinematography and the costume design (uncredited at IMDb, though it might indeed be Lindy Hemming, who outfitted "Begins"). The performances across the board also look fetching, most notably Christian Bale and Michael Caine.

Are we underestimating this thing?

Oh, and that vacant slot in my list of 10 anticipations? It just got filled.



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