July 12, 2006
Life in Multiplexes Imitates Art on the Small Screen??

My good friend Sasha Stone and I were talking yesterday about the "Pirates" phenomenon sweeping the box office record books, and she mentioned somethng that occured to me a few days prior, only she put it in the concise terms that really drove it home as an interesting as hell tid-bit.

How funny is it that, just as "Aquaman" beats out "Spider-Man"'s opening weekend gross on HBO's "Entourage," "Pirates" ends up doing it in real life?? This is like one of those creepy/interesting moments like "Back to the Future 2" predicting the Florida Marlins would win the World Series in 1997, no? I don't recall the exact gross of "Aquaman" that Jeremy Piven blurts out as Adrian Grenier stands atop the roof of a house party Billy Crudup-style. Maybe I should hit the up the ole' HBO ON Demand and find out for sure, but I don't think it was very close to what "Pirates" ended up raking in. Actually no, it was something like $118 mil, right? Anyway, stuff like this cracks me up.

Oh, and "Entourage" has to be the most entertaining series on television in a LONG time, just for the sheer romp of it all. Congrats to Piven on his second Emmy nomination. Now, let's see a win!


Aquaman made $116 million in the second episode of the season a few weeks ago. Adjusted for inflation, Spider-Man beat it, but who adjusts for inflation nowadays?

Anyway. . .I doubt they'll work Pirates into the show, since they film the entirety of their season ahead of time.

Hey there, HS. Now that Typekey is functional again, I can comment to this.

Yeah, I definitely didn't expect any talk about Pirates on the show or anything. However, now that you mention it, that "Haggis crashed the Oscars" bit was only, what, four months after the fact? They can stay on top of things like that if they choose, surely. Regardless, I wish it was a daily show...I feel like a crack adict every Sunday night getting my fix!

Entourage is so close to the mark that it's scary, and indeed addictive. I had the most evil giggle when Haggis said "hanging out with my boys" standing next to his Oscars for Crash.

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