December 04, 2007
New "Indy" too slick?

I love Janusz Kaminski. I love his work and I love the man. He's a hilarous, fun, singular individual. BUT, I don't think I like what's going on with "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" (which should be shortened to merely "Kingdom of the Crystal Skull," like "raiders of the Lost Ark," let 'em catch up -- but that's another matter).

Judging by the few stills we have from the film right now, it looks like the film is a bit too sleek, like SPielberg's Kaminski collaborations over the past decade, rather than any thing resembling the look Doug Slocombe put into the trilogy in the 80s. The "Indy" films were the only efforts Spielberg worked with Slocombe on, and there's a certain organic quality to the cinematography from one film to the next.

I have a million different problems with this film, to be quite honest, and fully expect it to come up short. The franchise should have remained in the 80s. I don't know why well enough can't be left alone, but that's just me. And these images, however "cool," are my the first real indication, to me, of an unsettling departure of sorts. We'll see.


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