November 29, 2007
"Sweeney" has docked...

Alright, I'm PRETTY sure there is an embargo on any reviews. Emanuel Levy is his own beast and given his HFPA standing, will write what he wants, when he wants. The trades might jump earlier than expected, but though I haven't heard anything directly from the studio, one other person was told to hold off on commentary until Monday.

That sounds to me like the road is being paved for someone else to break first, which is fine and good, but with AICN already out there on the record, I wouldn't expect too many people to play nice. All I'll say for now is, the Best Picture race has another hole in it, and films like "No Country for Old Men," "Michael Clayton," "Into the Wild" and "The Kite Runner" really benefitted from certain revelations this week.

More, presumably, on Monday.


Kris... Kris... Kris... We're dying here...

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