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July 10, 2006
About "Page to Screen"

The ultimate aim of “Page to Screen” at In Contention is to familiarize the reader with the year’s adapted screenplay race, and peripherally, the choices made, the directions taken, by adaptations throughout the year – from the page, to the screen. The column is designed to raise awareness of the writing progress by drawing attention to the source materials of a number of the year’s cinematic offerings.

Written by Kristopher Tapley and published weekly, on Tuesdays, “Page to Screen” hopes to offer interpretations of the various materials as they pertain to potential success at the Academy Awards, perspective on category disputes that might be more easily discerned from a reading of the material, as well as other observations that may or may not relate to the adaptations’ Oscar hopes.

For those faimilar with Kristopher's work over the years, “Page to Screen” might seem like a familiar concept. He offered a similar feature at Oscar Central during the 2002 film awards season.


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