Exclusive: Dive behind the scenes of 'All is Lost'

Posted by · 9:36 am · January 3rd, 2014


“We’ve done pretty much all you can do to a boat,” director J.C. Chandor says of his latest film “All is Lost” in an exclusive featurette we’re premiering for you today. And indeed, the production of this film was a substantial undertaking from a crafts standpoint and it’s a treat to see all of the principals in one video giving their perspective on the film.

Editor Pete Beaudreau notes that the concentration on mood and feeling and action made the project one of “pure editing.” Supervising sound editor Richard Hymns (who went out onto the San Francisco Bay in a small craft advisory to collect a number of the sounds used in the film) calls the film “a sound editor’s dream.” Producer Anna Gerb details the three boats used for different means throughout the shoot and production designer John P. Goldsmith speaks up on what his challenges were as well.

I’m happy to see underwater photographer Peter Zuccarini get some time to shine here, though. Here’s a guy whose work was a huge part of the overall beauty of last year’s “Life of Pi,” but who doesn’t get the immediate notice of Oscar winner Claudio Miranda or perhaps talented DP Frank G. DeMarco on this film, but whose contribution is invaluable on a project like this.

Others you’ll see in the video, which is embedded at the top of this post, include producer Neal Dodson, sound designer Steve Boedekker and, of course, star Robert Redford, who pretty much did all his own stunts on this film. It’s a below-the-line feat, to say the least, and we’re happy to bring you more from behind the scenes.

“All is Lost” hits DVD/Blu-ray on Feb. 11.

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