Roundup: Greta Gerwig waxes philosophical on awards season

Posted by · 4:10 am · October 25th, 2013

When yesterday’s Gotham Award nominations were announced, many noted with some surprise that the very good, very independent and very Gotham-centric “Frances Ha” was left off the list entirely. One of those was Nathaniel Rogers, who wound up accidentally breaking the news to the film’s star and co-writer Greta Gerwig. Unsurprisingly, she’s not that bothered — about this, or awards in general. “I think if you’re in the film business long enough they eventually get around to you somehow. Or at least when you die a picture of you goes up onscreen … I also think filmmakers who I love — sometimes the movies they get recognized for aren’t as good as some of their other movies. ‘Oh, we sat on it when it was fascinating in the 80s or something, so now we’re going to do it!'” [The Film Experience]

Jen Chaney on why those following the Oscar race needn’t take sides between “Gravity” and “12 Years a Slave” — which have more in common than meets the eye. [The Dissolve]

Tim Gray says the recent release-date shuffles among certain prestige titles haven’t made too much impact on the race. [Variety]

Steve Pond picks apart the spate of “Blue is the Warmest Color” controversies one by one, and asks that we let the film do the talking from now on. [The Wrap]

Putting the focus back on the movie, Abdellatif Kechiche narrates a key scene from the film. [New York Times]

Wesley Morris writes possibly my favorite piece so far on “12 Years a Slave.” Even if you think you’ve read enough, read this one. [Grantland]

Andrew Romano talks to Jehane Noujaim about “the year’s most dangerous doc,” the increasingly Oscar-buzzed “The Square.” [Daily Beast]

17 rising talents, including “The Impossible” star Tom Holland, were celebrated at BAFTA’s Breakthrough Brits night. [Screen Daily]

David Poland says we still have no Best Picture frontrunner. I think a few people might challenge him on that one. [Movie City News]

A tale of two 23-year-old stars: why Jennifer Lawrence is getting it right, and Kristen Stewart is not. (Bit harsh, I think.) [Vulture]

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