Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy are back in the trailer for 'Before Midnight'

Posted by · 8:32 am · March 28th, 2013

Sony Pictures Classics has Richard Linklater’s “Before Midnight” primed for a May 24 release. Michael Barker and Tom Bernard picked the film up out of Sundance, reuniting them with the filmmaker they brought to the fore over 20 years ago with “Slacker” via Orion Classics.

I’ve written plenty about the film by now, most of it out of Park City, but now you can get a taste of it yourself with the new trailer. However, I would suggest this: If you are a huge fan of the “Before” series, you really ought to stay away from this and just go into the movie. It reveals an element of Celine and Jesse’s relationship that is better experienced for the first time while watching the movie.

It happens very early in the film and it’s just a lovely note, not a massive spoiler or anything. There were audible reactions to it in the Eccles Theater when it was revealed (and indeed, early press requests asked that reviewers tread thoughtfully about where the two are in their relationship at the beginning of the film — though I imagine many didn’t bother). I just think that, if you haven’t read a lot of reviews or know what I’m talking about (not that it’s something hugely surprising anyway), it would be nice for you to go in fresh. That’s all.

Check out the new trailer above if you like.

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