Roundup: On the humbler supporting stars of 2012

Posted by · 5:00 am · February 4th, 2013

One of the reasons I get more bothered than some over the admittedly nebulous issue of so-called category fraud is that for every Christoph Waltz or Helen Hunt who gets slotted into the supporting race for a major role, it’s harder for lesser-known actors who stand out in far smaller parts to get the recognition they deserve. If Hunt is supporting in “The Sessions,” for example, then what is the superb Moon Bloodgood? So I’m glad Lisa Rosen has written this LA Times piece celebrating a number of uncelebrated faces from assorted awards contenders, including Bloodgood, Sheila Vand in “Argo” (not included in SAG’s ensemble listing, by the way) and Gina Montana in “Beasts of the Southern Wild.” I’d add Jesse Plemons in “The Master” and Corinne Masiero in “Rust and Bone,” among others. What lesser-spotted supporting stars stood out to you? [LA Times]   

Oscar-nominated production designer Eve Stewart explains how the decision to use live vocals in “Les Mis” affected her job — and why she’s haunted by an error in “The King’s Speech.” [The Guardian]

In the wake of Ben Affleck’s DGA win, Nathaniel Rogers makes his peace with that he sees as an inevitable Best Picture win for “Argo,” and wonders what else it will take on the night. [The Film Experience]

Speaking of which, Clayton Davis runs with a narrative that a lot of people are latching onto, though I don’t think it’s all that likely: will “Argo” become the first Best Picture winner since “Mutiny on the Bounty” 77 years ago to win no other awards? [Awards Circuit

With vocal endorsements from former CIA director Leon Panetta, as well as several families of 9/11 victims, is “Zero Dark Thirty” out of the political wilderness? [The Wrap]

Though Tony Kushner’s script for “Lincoln” is widely credited as an adaptation of Doris Kearns Goodwin’s “Team of Rivals” Jon Weisman considers the other sources it draws upon. [The Vote]

Tom O’Neil wonders if the principal voting hook for “Lincoln” in Best Picture should be less “a fourth Oscar for Steven Spielberg,” and more “a first Oscar for Kathleen Kennedy.” [Gold Derby]

Justin Lowe reports from the Santa Barbara fest, where Jennifer Lawrence was presented with their Performer of the Year award. [Thompson on Hollywood]

With reference to the marketing strategies for such Oscar nominees as “The Impossible” and “Flight,” Taffy Brodesser-Akner considers the tricky balancing act of what to reveal or conceal in a movie trailer. [New York Times]

On a related topic, Vadim Rizov considers the increase in character-narrated trailers — the industry’s solution to post-Don LaFontaine irony. [Press Play]

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