Roundup: Hollywood's stake in the election

Posted by · 6:05 am · November 6th, 2012

Well, given what’s going on out there, it’d seem inappropriate to lead with news of some minor precursor award announcement or random pre-release bumf for “The Hobbit” — it’s Election Day, and that weighs as heavily on Hollywood’s mind as anyone else’s. Variety Ted Johnson breaks down the implications for the film and entertainment industry of an Obama or a Romney victory, which could have a significant impact on issues ranging from piracy to censorship to same-sex marriage, and also examines the California propositions, some of them with starry cheerleaders, pertinent to showbiz folk. Good luck, America. Do the right thing. [Variety

Heineken may have paid $28m for the privilege of having their bottle featured in “Skyfall,” but Budweiser are desperate to have theirs removed from the alcoholic-pilot drama “Flight.” [AP]

Jon Weisman thinks it’s time the Oscar nominations announcement was moved to primetime. I’m all about the crack-of-dawn tradition, personally, but that’s because it hits me at lunchtime. [The Vote]

Hungry for “August: Osage County?” Nathaniel Rogers catches an early glimpse of some promotional material for the potential 2013 awards biggie. [The Film Experience

The DVD release of “The Master” will feature 20 minutes of deleted scenes, which were screened last week at LACMA. [The Playlist

Kevin B. Lee rounds up the many and varied interpretations of Abraham Lincoln across cinema history. [Fandor]

Sally Field, who’s seeking her first Oscar nomination in nearly 30 years for “Lincoln,” gets the David Poland video treatment. [Hot Blog]

Sasha Stone launches her Oscar cheat sheet feature, and keeps fighting the good fight for “Middle of Nowhere.” [Awards Daily]

Naomi Watts talks about “The Impossible,” and why she chooses to suffer so much on screen. [New York Times]

Finally, with election matters on the brain, this seems as good a day as any to rewind to my own list of the Top 10 politically-themed films. [In Contention]

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