Roundup: Globes trump the Oscars with Fey and Poehler

Posted by · 5:26 am · October 16th, 2012

You have to hand it to the Golden Globes. Barely had the chatter died down about the Academy’s surprising choice of Oscar host than the HFPA chimed in with their own… and grabbed bigger headlines than Seth Macfarlane ever did. While the “Ted” man’s appointment was welcomed in some quarters, others expressed concern that most viewers out in the real world don’t know who he is — a weak spot the Globes have cunningly zeroed in on by snapping up star comedy duo Tina Fey and Amy Poehler to continue the work done by Ricky Gervais in the last two years. With Fey a name many have suggested for the Oscar gig (she’s presented at the big show twice), this likely ratings coup must really smart for AMPAS. I know which show I’m looking forward to more now. You? [HitFix]

Judi Dench talks “Skyfall” and such with Tim Adams. Her best quote in on “J. Edgar”: “What’s it like? I suppose I should see it.” Don’t trouble yourself, ma’am. [The Guardian]

“Argo” is subjected to the grilling every potential Oscar frontrunner based on true events must go through: how accurate is it? Are the smear campaigns lying in wait? [Slate]

Speaking of “Argo,” Christopher Rosen and Michael Hogan discuss its frontrunner status, among other Oscar concerns, in an entertaining back-and-forth. [Gold Rush]

10 foreign-language Oscar hopefuls, “Amour,” “Barbara” and “A Royal Affair” among them, are in the World Cinema programme at next month’s AFI Fest, along with one of the year’s best films, “Berberian Sound Studio”. [AFI Fest]

Anne Thompson’s correspondent is blown away by Melisso Leo’s performance in microbudget indie “Francine.” And rightly so. [Thompson on Hollywood]

Could “Zero Dark Thirty” boost Obama’s campaign? Out in the real world, where people don’t fixate on movies months before their release date, I’d say no. [Wall Street Journal]

Why last weeks box office results reveal too many movies chasing the same young male demographic. [Vulture]

Brad Brevet thinks the Best Actress race is down to just nine names. I’m not so sure. [Rope of Silicon]

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