Listen to Madonna's Best Original Song contender, 'Masterpiece,' from 'W.E.'

Posted by · 9:41 am · December 7th, 2011

I’ll finally get around to running down the Best Original Song category in tomorrow’s Tech Support column, but how about one last contender spotlight?

Madonna’s “W.E.” has took a critical thrashing when it premiered at the Venice Film Festival in September. Having finally caught the film last night, I’m sorry to report that the pans were on point. What a delirious mess of a film. A Vogue photo shoot brought to life. Which, it should be noted, the film is indeed gorgeous. The costume design, production design and cinematography would all find room on my ballot, I bet.

I had heard there was an original song for the film from the Material Girl herself, but didn’t really think about it until I noted the FYC section of the screener packaging. Indeed, “Masterpiece” — which leaked recently and is expected to also be on Madonna’s next album — is being pitched for awards.

But I’m not actually sure if it’s eligible. According to the rules and regulations in the category, the song either has to play in the body of the film or be the first music cue over the closing credits. However, the first cue of the credits is a continuation of Abel Korzeniowski’s score. “Masterpiece” doesn’t kick in until a few minutes later.

Oh well, I guess we’ll know for sure when the official list of eligible contenders is released within a week’s time. For now, though, have a listen to the new track below. I actually dig it.

Madonna, by the way, was recently announced as the entertainment for the upcoming Super Bowl’s half-time show. Her film goes wide two days before. Well played.

“W.E.” opens in limited release this Friday, December 9.

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