Oscarweb Round-up: Campaigning Clint for Razzie

Posted by · 4:03 am · November 4th, 2011

I wrote up Clint Eastwood’s “J. Edgar,” which just premiered at AFI Fest, last night. Anne and I will also be discussing the film in the podcast this morning. But worth pointing to this morning is a Dan Kois piece that offers up the following observation: “Clint Eastwood is overdue for a Razzie!” Well, is he? He seems to get a pass year in and year out, despite some really awful outings amid his otherwise impressive enough post-millennium renaissance. But even in the good ole’ days he put out his fair share of doozies. And yet, no Razzie to show for it! Maybe it’s mean, but hey, this is the age of snark. (Though I would argue this same piece could be written for Woody Allen. It’s the price of being prolific. They can’t all be winners, and some are outright losers.) [Grantland]

Not only has Andy Serkis signed on to a sequel to “Rise of the Planet of the Apes,” but 20th Century Fox confirms it will campaign the actor for Oscar consideration. [Deadline]

Michael Shannon on Oscar season: “If they want to throw a party, I’ll show up!.” [Vulture]

Jake Gyllenhaal, meanwhile, is showing is support for Shannon’s work in “Take Shelter.” [indieWIRE]

James Mangold looks back on “Copland” nearly 15 years later. [MTV Movies Blog]

Sasha Stone shrewdly notes studio push-back this year aimed at filtering buzz to peak at the right moment. [Awards Daily]

Allison Loring writes up Christophe Beck’s fun and bombastic score for “Tower Heist.” [Film School Rejects]

Jeff Wells continues his sight-unseen assault on “War Horse,” passing along a negative reaction (amid countless other posts knocking whatever the film might or might not be). [Hollywood Elsewhere]

David Poland sits down with “Like Crazy” star Anton Yelchin. [The Hot Blog]

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