Oscarweb Round-up: Keeping the 'Dark Knight Rises' secret

Posted by · 4:00 am · September 21st, 2011

One story linked in today’s round-up concerns those two internet buzz phrases as of late: “Christopher Nolan” and “The Dark Knight Rises.” The story in question features a chat with Nolan’s Batman franchise star Gary Oldman, who says the secretive director sent him the script for “The Dark Knight Rises” with the final pages missing, and only in person divulged how the trilogy will conclude. This all reminded me of the (absolutely embarrassing) clamoring on the web for any and every morsel to come out of that production, whether it’s shaky, vague, across-the-street footage of Anne Hathaway standing at a cab, out-of-context clips of Joseph Gordon-Levitt crossing a friggin’ street, or the Batmobile creeping through snow-covered sets. The obsession is at an absolute fever pitch, and I frankly find myself saddened that an artist like Nolan has to add to his workload by keeping such a tight lid on things, which must be a full-time job unto itself. Alas, this is what comes with popularity — and quality. If the last two films had been in the Joel Schumacher realm, I imagine Nolan could leave his script on a table at a Starbucks and not have to worry too much about the info spreading. Anyway, let’s see what’s going on in the Oscarweb today…

Is Christopher Nolan refusing to write down the ending of “The Dark Knight Rises?” [Contact Music]

Nevermind, Lars Von Trier isn’t sorry about his Cannes Nazi remarks. [GQ via The Guardian]

Devin Faraci talks “50/50” with the film’s director, Jonathan Levine. [Badass Digest]

Steven Zeitchik ponders the somewhat dubious notion that Ryan Gosling is becoming George Clooney, aka “an A-list star…but rarely a box office draw.” Let’s let him get a little further into his career first, okay? [24 Frames]

Meanwhile, though, it seems the actor is…pondering premature retirement? [The Times via IFC News]

Brian Tallerico talks with Jonah Hill about his career transition in “Moneyball.” [Hollywood Chicago]

Michael Cusumano talks to “Drive” co-star Christina Hendricks about acting during car chases, among other things. [Film Experience]

Sasha Stone lays out the race for Best Director. [Awards Daily]

“The Debt” star Helen Mirren talks her regrets and Shakespearean dreams. [Huffington Post]

At the Emmys, Oscarcast producer Brett Ratner (naturally) talks up Eddie Murphy as host. [MTV Movies Blog]

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