January 08, 2008
Quick Director Question:

How many directors have been nominated for both the Golden Globe and the DGA and have then gone on to NOT get an Oscar nom? I'm thinking about how locked Schnabel seems to have become. He might not even be a lone director nom at this point, and that's very cool. Off the top of my head poor Baz is the only one I can think of. Any others?

Would anyone else be completely unsurprised if this turned out to be our directing line-up? I could see Wright or Burton (or Reitman, that Juno love is like wildfire lately) replacing Gilroy at the last second, but really, I think this is it.


Ron Howard was nominated for the GG and won the DGA for Apollo 13 and didn't get an Oscar nom.

Steven Spielberg has been there three times! A GG and DGA nom for Jaws, The Color Purple (DGA win!) and Amistad - and no Oscar nom.

I don't buy a directing nom for Tony Girloy at the Oscars. Screenplay yes. Directing no. To see his name at the DGA noms was a huge surprise. I feel quite confident about the four others though.

Gilroy that is. Gilroy. Not Girloy :-D

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