December 13, 2007
Knee-Jerk Globe Thoughts:

*With the bizarre screenplay snub for "Michael Clayton," Diablo Cody certainly pushes ahead as the clear frontrunner in Best Original Screenplay.

*Big boost for Eastwood - can the Oscars even deny nominating him twice more, let alone just one?

*David Cronenberg snubbed again, despite strong love for "Eastern Promises". Shameful.

*Seven nominations? How much did the Weinsteins have to pay to see "The Great Debaters" slip in there?

*And with seven nominations, "Into the Wild" takes a huge step back. Not even Hal.

*Cate and Hoffman get two nominations. Hoffman making the cut for "The Savages" but not Linney probably ends her chances, unless SAG brings her back.

*Sweeney Todd's winning Best Comedy/Musical, but we probably all knew that.

*Best Comedy/Musical Actress has two young guns in there. Should be fun to see.

*"Atonement" has become, definitely, our big front-runner for now. You know that BAFTA will go nuts for it, as will the guilds.


UPDATED TO SAY: Jeff Wells at Hollywood Elsewhere seems to have a little bit of a vendetta against Eastern Promises, and specifically Viggo Mortensen's nomination. LAME. Mortensen, with his first nomination, gave his best performance yet, and was sadly snubbed by the Globes (and everyone) for AHOV a few years back. Viggo's nomination may be my favorite nomination of the day.


Charlie Wilson's War did surprisingly well. It's not out yet. I could see it at least landing a screenplay slot. But Julia for supporting actress??? Shameful!

They're starf***ers, Mike. Her awards run most likely begins and ends today.

I think you're jumping the gun on a Sweeney win... Juno also did very well...

Atonement is built for a high volume of nominations (what with it being in the running for costume and art direction nominations that a non-period-set film would not) but holding this morning's results as a harbinger of anything to come seems sort of pointless. At this point the HFPA has become a lousy prognosticator missing Best Picture the last three years now. While I expect Atonement to get the most total nominations I also expect it to follow the leads of The Aviator, Brokeback Mountain and Babel and lose despite having the most nominations.

You're right. Jeff's way off on the actors this year. He keeps railing against Clooney which is absurd. His dislike of Mortensen's nomination is equally baffling. They may very well be my two favourite performances of the year.

ITW doesn't take a "huge step back" with the Globes ridiculous nominations. Crash wasn't nominated by the Globes and WON best picture. THE THIN RED LINE, CIDER HOUSE RULES and bunches of other movies were overlooked by this sorry ass group of 90 people who clearly don't know their ass from a hole in the ground. Hal Holbrook is so making his way to the Oscars and so is INTO THE WILD. They clearly have underestimated the power of a great American film.

Being outraged at Michael Clayton not being nominated for it's writing and not mentioning the Paul Thomas Anderson snubs? Ridiculous. Clooney's nomination is a testament to his pull in Hollywood but he doesn't stand a chance against Daniel Day-Lewis.

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