December 12, 2007
Honorary Oscar Winner Robert Boyle

An unexpected choice but an inspired one. An extremely long and storied career worthy of this honor. It's also encouraging to see a second consecutive branch-out into the crafts categories.

And at 98, I suspect he is the oldest person to receive an Oscar, which is kind of cool.


No offense to this guy, but I'm looking at his filmography on IMDB and I'm trying to figure out what the big deal is. Scroll down to where his production designer credits are listed and there's a lot of crap on there. Troop Beverly Hills and Jumpin' Jack Flash? Alright, he did art direction on The Thomas Crown Affair and In Cold Blood, but he's not exactly William Cameron Menzies.

Richard Widmark is 93. Don't you think he should be up on that stage first?

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