December 16, 2007
'Dark Knight' trailer now online



OH.MY.GOOD.LORD. I feel like I'm ready to explode. If that won't get you primed, NOTHING will. Heath is so gorgeous - & they've made him look far creepier than Jack ever did. But his acting looks superb. He gets a face off with Maggie?!!! LMAO I WANT TO SEE THIS. NOW.

Amazing. What a great publicity campaign these folks have run.

I didn't see any Eckhart? The focus of the movie is obviously the Joker and not Harvey Dent.

And/or they are going to keep Dent's role completely under wraps. Which could be kind of spectacular.

Oh trust. When Dent turns a certain corner by the end of this flick, we'll see why they've kept him under wraps...

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