December 26, 2007
"Aliens vs. Predator: REFUND"

Seriously, did it have to be THAT atrocious? To see good actors like John Ortiz and serviceable ones like the guy from "Rescue Me" withering away on screen is one thing, but the screenwriters took the one thing about the first installment that sucked so bad (the Pralien) and ran with it. They churned up something worse than I could have ever expected -- and I expected pure shite as it was. Eesh...


I never wast money on films like that, I try to stay away from this genre as it so often dissapoints. I save the cash to spend on other "better" films. But thanks for te heads up on the atrociousness of the film...

I dont think many people "wast" money on films, but they certainly "waste" money. Sorry, I should learn to spell.

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