An early look at the Best and Worst of the 2015 Cannes Film Festival

Posted by · 11:36 am · May 22nd, 2015

CANNES – The 68th Festival de Cannes is almost at an end. There is only one more competition film to screen, Justin Kurzel's “Macbeth,” and then the Coen brothers-led jury will begin deliberations over what entry will win the prestigious Palme d'Or. The favorites are still “Son of Saul” and “Carol,” but two relatively new entries, “Youth” and “Mountains May Depart,” may steal their thunder. Tomorrow night's awards ceremony is going to be very intriguing. But more on that later…

On Wednesday, the lovely and talented Alison Willmore of Buzzfeed and I took some time to chat about the films we liked and, of course, the films we didn't. We agreed on both one “best” and one “worst” so if you've been waiting to see someone physically express their feelings about Gus Van Sant's latest as opposed to just reading about it, this is your chance.

Note: This was recorded before either of us had seen Gaspar Noe's “Love.” Read my review about the festival's most controversial film, so far, here.

To check out our lively (and winding) conversation watch the video embedded at the top of this post.

Alison co-hosts the always entertaining Filmspotting: SVU podcast and you can follow her on twitter @AlisonWillmore. For more from Cannes follow me @HitFixGregory.

Which movies are you most excited to see after the Cannes reactions? Share your thoughts below.

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