Richard Linklater: Spiritual 'Dazed' follow-up is also a 'Boyhood' quasi-sequel

Posted by · 6:25 am · December 30th, 2014

More than most of his contemporaries, Richard Linklater”s films are extensions of himself. For  “Boyhood” and “Dazed and Confused,” the writer-director yanked autobiographical from his own life and adapted them for the modern timeline. Similarly, “Waking Life” and the “Before” trilogy start with personal pondering and blossom into talky motion pictures. Linklater shot his debut feature “Slacker” around his hometown of Austin, Texas and appeared in one of the leading roles, blurring the line between fact and fiction even further. By making films that draw so closely from his own experiences, Linklater has created a web of spiritually linked films that seem to inform one another. None of them are sequels, all of them are sequels. His next film fits the bill.

Talking to Creative Screenwriter, Linklater explains how his purported spiritual sequel to “Dazed,” the baseball coming-of-age drama “That's What I'm Talking About,” winds up connecting to “Boyhood” too:

I think the word “spiritual” gets me off the hook. I just shot it and wrapped it recently, and it has nothing to do with “Dazed and Confused” other than it would be set four years later, when one of the younger characters went off to college. It”s a party film. It”s really about the beginning of school, not the end of the school year. I guess personally or autobiographically it”s kind of in that realm, but it”s also a continuation of “Boyhood,” believe it or not. I don”t know if one film can be a sequel to two different movies, but it begins right where “Boyhood” ends with a guy showing up at college and meeting his new roommates and a girl. It overlaps with the end of “Boyhood.”

It”s easy to imagine: “Glee” actor Blake Jenner filling in for “Boyhood”s” Ellar Coltrane, saying goodbye to his mother as he heads off to college, stumbling head first into a new pack of friends, and then… Linklater”s “party film.”

As the director gears up for the “Boyhood” Oscar race, he”ll juggle post-production on “That's What I'm Talking About,” his first collaboration with Megan Ellison”s Annapurna. As scientists theorized: the Linklater universe continues to quickly expand.

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