Tell us what you thought of 'The Interview'

Posted by · 12:56 pm · December 24th, 2014

Here's hoping all our credit cards don't get hacked. But seriously, though… Sony Pictures has, after initially cancelling all release plans, allowed theater chains willing to release “The Interview” to do so, but in advance of tomorrow's release date, the studio has made the film available via video-on-demand services like YouTube Movies, Google Play, Xbox and a dedicated website: I just watched it from my couch while eating a breakfast burrito in my TMNT pajama pants. America, fuck yeah, I guess.

Anyway, as someone who deigned to put “This is the End” on my top 10 list last year, take this for what you will, but I certainly laughed my ass off. It's Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg right in their wheelhouse, over the top, outrageous, with a little something to say underneath. I also found the underriding thematic idea of journalism's descent into entertainment to be particularly compelling in light of the events of the last two weeks.

So if you're able to catch it today online or tomorrow when it hits theaters, come on back with your thoughts. Was this worth the fuss? Obviously not, but everything is relative. I'm sure it'll be cathartic in some quarters this holiday season to see a petulant dictator bite it in slow motion to the sounds of Katy Perry, though. Also: GREATEST GIF OF ALL TIME:

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