Tell us what you thought of 'Inside Llewyn Davis'

Posted by · 11:49 am · December 22nd, 2013

I held off on this one until the film made its way out into wider release, which it did on Friday. I’m very eager to know what readers think of the Coen brothers’ “Inside Llewyn Davis,” which was my #3 film of the year and just a rich experience that delivers more and more upon subsequent viewings. The work from T Bone Burnett on the soundtrack, curating a spectacular, thematically relevant assortment of period songs and then producing gorgeous new renditions is the kind of thing that deserves its own category. And Oscar Isaac delivers the year’s best performance, one I delighted in mulling over in my lengthy interview with the actor. I could really go on, but again, I want to know what you all thought, so when you get around to seeing the film, tell us what you thought in the comments section below and vote in our poll. (Also, if you happened to catch the “Another Day, Another Time” concert documentary on the film, which T Bone Burnett discussed with us here, tell us what you thought of that, too.)

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