Roundup: Is 'Dallas Buyers Club' the film equivalent of Macklemore?

Posted by · 4:12 am · November 25th, 2013

So far, “Dallas Buyers Club” has had a fairly smooth ride, but it was inevitable that its social and sexual politics would at some point find vocal dissenters. R. Kurt Osenlund certainly does his best to trigger a debate, calling it “one of the year’s worst films,” and likening it to Macklemore’s hit single “Same Love” as a work of “warped queer advocacy.” “I sure as hell don’t want to see the first major movie about AIDS in 20 years to be about a goddamned queer-hating hick,” he fumes. “I want more from my art, I want better advocates, and more than anything, I want more people, and colleagues, to acknowledge the problem.” He then goes on to suggest director Jean-Marc Vallée’s heterosexuality might “in a way” be problematic. I can’t say I agree with him one iota, but there’s a longer discussion to be had here. [House Next Door]

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