Design your own 'Pacific Rim' Jaeger

Posted by · 2:25 pm · May 31st, 2013

Little marketing hooks like this are always fun for the geek in us all. Sometimes they’re a stretch, sometimes you can get lost toying with this and that. Confession: I totally “Frankenweenie”-fied my cat last year.

Guillermo Del Toro’s “Pacific Rim” is still six weeks away and it feels like an eternity. At least we’ll have “Man of Steel” to tide us over in the interim but, especially after the most recent trailer hit, I’ve been dying for some awesome Jaeger/Kaiju brawling. In the meantime, though, at least we can settle in and design our own monster sluggers. Yes, Warner Bros. has an application that allows you to build and name your own Jaeger.

Fair warning: This thing crashed my Mac twice and the social media shares were not working at all. But luckily I grabbed a few screen shots before I lost good ole’ Blazer Retcon for good. The film features Jaegers with names like Coyote Tango and Gipsy Danger, etc. (Meanwhile, the lowest rung of the “After Earth” pile-on is all about Will Smith’s character name — Cipher Raige — in the film. Really? We’re at the point of dissing names in sci-fi films?)

Anyway, check out my guy, BLAZER RETCON, below. You can build your own here.

“Pacific Rim” tears into theaters everywhere on July 12.

Pacific Rim

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