Ranking 30 years of 'Star Trek' at the movies

Posted by · 7:33 pm · May 16th, 2013

A new Starfleet adventure hits theaters this weekend in the form of “Star Trek Into Darkness.” It will enter a long legacy of films capturing the spirit of Gene Roddenberry, including, of course, the 2009 reboot that paved the way for a sequel.

The crew’s first celluloid excursion, “Star Trek: The Motion Picture,” was released back in 1979. There was a new “Star Trek” film at least every three or four years until the 30th anniversary brought J.J. Abrams’ re-imagining. Going into this weekend’s release, that’s 11 films, three Enterprise captains and a lot of canon to play with.

The HitFix staff put our heads together to crank out a ranked list of those films. But how will “Star Trek Into Darkness” fit into that legacy? Audiences will find out this weekend, but for now, click through the gallery below for the best and worst of the franchise to date. You can rate the films as you go. And feel free to vote on your favorite “Star Trek” film in the poll as well.

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