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September 11, 2006
For Your Enjoyment

If there’s one thing that’s clear when watching the work of Christopher Guest and his regular troup of actors, it’s that it’s clear that they love what they do. Their films are so consistently amusing – in the most enthusiastic of ways – and their performances gel so well together that’s it’s impossible not to enjoy their films.

“For Your Consideration” holds its own in the Guest repertoire. Working in improv style – yet not in mockumentary format – the film manages to be enjoyable, clever, funny and especially entertaining for those who’ve watched awards’ seasons in past years. As always, this lot makes for a fantastic ensemble, with everyone playing off each other wonderfully. Catherine O'Hara and Parker Posey, in particular, are excellent, not mentioning the consistently zany antics of Fred Willard and Jennifer Coolidge.

On the whole, I’m really not sure how to evaluate a film like this. It's not as good as their true classic - "Best in Show" and it certainly has its missteps. Some of the humour is a tad predicatable, and the denouement, though funny, somehow rubbed me the wrong way. But no film is flawless. And this amusing and superbly acted feature is simply such a great film for movie-lovers that its flaws are more than forgiveable.

The Q&A afterwards was a hoot. Guest, Posey, Shearer, Balaban, McKean, Coolidge and Lynch were all there, not to mention Levy and O’Hara, who received an especially warm welcome as they were returning to their old stomping grounds. This group clearly loves working together...and they have a great time just talking about their work.

I really don’t know what else to say about a film like this apart from encouraging everyone to see it. ‘Better times at the movies’ are few and far between.


Come now, get into what the film is actually ABOUT. Is it the film we'd all hope for considering it's joshing the very awards business we're covering?

Your wish - a very reasonable one might I add - is my command.

It would seem, Mr. Kennedy, that you could at least get your characters correct. It is Jack Burden and not, as you have written, Jack Borden. I have not yet seen the film so I will not agree or disagree with your analysis but it does make one wonder if you have ever read the book or even seen the film.

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