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September 09, 2006
Beautiful Indeed

The Film Festival consists of more than major titles launching their Oscar campaigns. There are also small, 'studio-less' films simply trying to find a place in this crazy world.

"Bella" marks the debut feature of Alejandro Gomez Monteverde, a truly humble man in awe of the fact that he's actually made it here. It's better to know as little as possible about this film before going into it but let me tell you that it feels both sincere and loving. It's great to see a film that legitimately moves the viewer without being drowned in sap. And it does this in just 90 minutes. If it comes your way, see it. You won't regret it.


That is the best description of Bella I have seen. It is the greatest love story I have ever seen, although it is not a love story. It is just beautiful in a good way. Great description.

Bella will move your heart and your soul. It is doubtful that you'll see a more meaningful film this year.

I saw Bella at Toronto and it got a long standing ovation. I have been thinking about the story ever since. It was really well made and the performances were unbelievable. I agree, it is best to watch it without knowing what to expect. One thing for sure, it is a powerful and totally unpredictable movie that really moved me. I think it could suprise everyone and take the Oscar for best picture this year.

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