June 05, 2007
So I've been neglecting this place

But this has been a VERY underwhelming summer to date as far as I'm concerned. The big three of May did something extraordinary at the box office, though you think with those budgets they could have put some more work into the quality department.

I should be catching up on some of the smaller titles soon. Hopefully they'll make up for it.


I do think - now that Cannes is over - and the other festivals will be coming soon - that it is time for you to get back!!!

Go see Once - it is a lovely touching really nice film

Waitress is a thoroughly enjoyable film. Can't wait for Once to expand into more theaters, I'm anxious to see it.

I think we are ready for some action.
At this stage, the films that have awards potential is Sicko and No Country for Old Men.
I'm really looking forward to Margot at the Wedding. The script is brilliant!

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