June 22, 2007
"John From Cincinnati"

Been meaning to write something about David Milch's latest show but wanted to let the first two episodes sink in. I can't contain my glee. Jesus Fucking Christ.

"Deadwood" was the best show on television until it was cancelled. "Friday Night Lights" was probably the best thing on the tub last season, amongst a boatload of good not great programming. But "John From Cincinnati" is the first show since Milch's previous effort to reach that genius status in my mind.

Of course, we're only two episodes deep and the whole thing could sink like a rock, but something is in the air indeed. Getting into the parallels and parables represented in this thing can keep a guy up hours. An really, anything that turns an audience on to the great Kem Nunn is a beautiful thing indeed.

And did I mention JFC leads into my second favorite show? JOY!


Yay to the Friday Night Lights love. The Taylors are officially my ideal family, with Connie Britton in particular embodying awesomeness. Haven't had a chance to catch up on JFC yet as I'm in London, but I just watched the first season of Big Love and it is quite good. More interesting than engrossing, but fun to watch. Showtime though has become the best network IMO, with Weeds, Dexter, and The Tudors.

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