January 16, 2007
They Rolled Up the Sidewalks

It's 1:30. I should still be partying. What's wrong with this town?

The Paramount Pictures/Robinsons May bash was obviously the place to be tonight, as "Dreamgirls" and "Babel" took the Best Picture wins in their respective categories at the Golden Globes ceremony earlier in the evening.

Speaking to Bill Condon afterward (and no matter what you see printed elsewhere, no matter my personal opinion of his film, in my view, Condon remains a classy, stand-up, modest man deserving of all the praise he gets), the aura was a refreshingly casual one. "This stuff doesn't mean anything, does it?" Condon said, clearly happy to have won the big prize, but all the same, pretty aware that the down-and-dirty tactics of an awards season can be taxing. I overheard someone mentioning that the director hopes to release his next flick in the summer - to hell with the Oscar season.

The "Babel" team was ecstatic, of course, with Paramount Vantage chief John Lesher high-fiving pretty much everyone in sight. Brangelina hit a jetplane for - well - somewhere else early in the night and never made it to the party, but the same couldn't be said for a host of others: Jamie Foxx, Keith Robinson, Beyonce Knowles (with Jay Z in tow), Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, Guillermo Arriaga, Rinko Kikuchi, the splendid and cloud-nine-floating Adriana Barraza, Steven Spielberg, catching Mr. Condon's ear for a significant amount of time, Warren Beatty, the lovely Annette Bening on his arm, Gabriele Muccino, Ludacris....on and on and on.

Lots of celebs, lots of love...but what an early night. Jeez, I know it's Monday, but come on! Things were wrapping up all over the place at eleven-ish. Sadly I missed the Fox, InStyle, Universal and Weinstein shindigs for various reasons. But the Paramount crew was always there, still raging, still doing their thing. I guess it pays to be a winner.

Single best part of the night: holding Warren Beatty's Cecil B. Demille award. It's true what they say. That thing is HEAVY. A truly deserving kudos for one of Hollywood's greatest, though. Can't wait to check out his speech on TiVo.

I'm too exhausted to get into the specifics of analyzing what this means for the Oscar race, but both wins are giant feathers in the caps of the Paramount films. The race has burst wide open, with three films taking the big Best Picture tropies within the span of three days. And should the Screen Actors Guild go for "Little Miss Sunshine" with their Best Enesemble award as the BFCA did - watch out.

More tomorrow. I gotta see what happens to Jack Bauer in the second part of the season opener!


Do you ever pinch yourself? For someone who truly loves film such as yourself it must be mindblowing to have real conversations with some of its best artists.

I typically punch myself, actually.

But seriously, it really is crazy to see someone like Steven Spielberg next to you when you grew up seeing his name in lights.

I'll never get used to it. Never.

How did you score yourself an invite to the Golden Globes parties?

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