January 15, 2007
As Kris is Making the Rounds...

...and hopefully having a good time at the after parties, allow me to indulge with some personal reflections on yet another Golden Globe ceremony.

It was at times tacky and at times dull and the winners can never totally satisfy. But I ultimately feel there was a nice blend of deserved winners and a handful of surprises (LA traffic unfortunately preventing us from getting the full experience of the first one).

Meryl and Sasha were predictably on the top of their games. Forest Whitaker's win was also quite deserved, and he also seemed quite affected by it. Though I'm not sure if that was the result of Jack Nicholson standing up or Jack Daniels settling down.

Another deserving winner, Peter Morgan, was quite ungracious towards his film's subject though his star fortunately corrected him. And isn't it great to see a speech from a guy like Martin Scorsese, who so clearly bleeds cinema?

As for the final win, it certainly made the race more interesting. It's also the first time since "Bugsy" that the Globe-Drama winner has been confined to that one category. One winner of three awards, one winner of two awards, and nine winners of one award. Haven't seen a tally like that since...the year of "Bugsy," "The Prince of Tides," "Beauty and the Beast" and, the ultimate Oscar winner, "The Silence of the Lambs."

All things considered, I was satisfied. And my favourite win of the night? Easily Alexandre Desplat, for not only the best score of the year but also for hopefully cementing his status on the a-list of Hollywood composers (kudos to Kris for predicting the win).


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