November 18, 2006
Right...about "Page to Screen"

"Help Wanted"

So, the elephant in the In Contention room has been the bust that was "Page to Screen." I did that feature much more successfully four years ago, but this year, damn if things didn't get extremely busy, extremely quick. About six entries in the column later, and I ran out of gas.

I've been hoping to expand things next year to feature another contributor or two, if possible, and so I thought maybe I'd send out a "calling all cars." The feature, which you can check out here, is a weekly look at the adapted screenplay race in the form of analyzing source materials in varrying instances. If it sounds like something you'd be interesting in trying out, let me know. Obviously, it's all about reading the book or play, what have you, giving a personal assessment of the story and cranking out a column with proposed Oscar prospects given that unique familiarity with an upcoming project. If you're a big reader and it sounds like something you're interested in, drop a line:


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