BERLIN: ‘Please Give,’ ‘Red Hill,’ ‘Submarino’

Posted by · 10:00 am · February 16th, 2010

Film festivals have a curious way of either dulling one’s critical faculties or provoking them to an impolite degree. I almost never walk out of a screening under normal circumstances; at a festival, while compressing five-odd films into one day, it’s almost life-affirming to do so. Such was the case yesterday, halfway through “Caterpillar,” a […]

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Guy’s top 50 of the decade: #21-30

Posted by · 7:01 pm · January 4th, 2010

A little late, but we’re at the halfway mark now, and I must say I couldn’t be more delighted and flattered by your warm response to the list so far. I mentioned in my intro to the first installment that I’d prefer you to view this as a loose playlist than as a rigid ordered […]

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