TECH SUPPORT INTERVIEW: The wizardry of ‘TRON Legacy’

Posted by · 8:48 am · January 13th, 2011

It’s somewhat intriguing to note how far the visual effects side of filmmaking has come in the last three decades.  When “TRON” was released in 1982, it’s FX wizardry was disqualified from Academy Award consideration.  The reason: the use of computer technology to achieve its look and environment was deemed, believe it or not, “cheating.” […]

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‘TRON Legacy’ reeks and rocks with equal measure

Posted by · 9:35 am · December 6th, 2010

Disney has probably been wise to discontinue the original “TRON” on DVD in advance of the release of “TRON Legacy,” lest people be reminded of how truly bad it was.  Beyond being conceptually ahead of its time, it never seemed to be more than a pop culture blip in cinema history, if we’re being perfectly […]

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COMIC-CON: ‘TRON Legacy’ invades Hall H for a third-straight year

Posted by · 1:28 pm · July 22nd, 2010

“It proves to me some things, good things, take a really long time to happen,” “TRON” creator Steve Lisberger said to a packed Hall H, looking strikingly like Bad Blake next to a clean-shaven Jeff Bridges. And that was the vibe you got from the euphoric crowd this afternoon as Disney revealed eight minutes of […]

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INTERVIEW: Jeff Bridges

Posted by · 11:36 am · December 1st, 2009

For actor Jeff Bridges, whose career has already spanned five decades, Scott Cooper’s “Crazy Heart” was something of a homecoming and, the actor says, “a dream come true.” Bridges stars in the film as Bad Blake, a ramblin’ country-western singer who travels the Southwest playing dive after dive, cut from the same cloth as Hank […]

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