THE LISTS: Top 10 Oscar nominee fields

Posted by · 12:47 pm · January 26th, 2010

In exactly one week’s time, we’ll have a brand new list of Oscar nominations to pore over, pick apart and eventually file away in our subconscious with the other 81 editions of this annual collective. For Oscar geeks, nomination day is in many ways more exciting than the ceremony itself, celebrating a broader spectrum of […]

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INTERVIEW: Rosemarie DeWitt

Posted by · 10:01 am · November 18th, 2008

Rosemarie DeWitt is excited. It can be difficult to gauge emotion in the formal, slightly removed context of a phone interview, but DeWitt’s warm, clear voice betrays an eagerness right from the get-go, articulating thoughts at a pace that occasionally exceeds my shorthand. Only when addressing the heady buzz of awards season does she finally […]

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REVIEW: “Little Miss Sunshine” (***1/2)

Posted by · 8:37 am · July 13th, 2006

Jonathan Dayton’s and Valerie Farris’s “Little Miss Sunshine” is the rare example of the quirky and fringe actually having something to say. It melts away the infection of suspicion and invariably lets itself into our hearts without the stench and waxing effect of sentimentality rearing its ugly head.  It takes on human frailty and maintains […]

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Best in show 2005: the year in superlatives

Posted by · 12:00 am · December 23rd, 2005

It’s time to really round out the year and offer up my picks for awards in 2005. In addition to the typical categories – which finally see their winners announced today – you’ll find some other fun arenas for awards citation. Call it a mish-mash of MTV-Awards-type kudos and other frequently heralded categories we find […]

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SHORT TAKE: “In Her Shoes” (**1/2)

Posted by · 1:21 pm · September 26th, 2005

Curtis Hanson’s “In Her Shoes” is an exercise in sluggish pacing.  It has a lot to say to its target audience, but it ultimately feels as though the filmmaker behind the project isn’t capable of really sparking the conversation. Cameron Diaz struts about the screen desperately in need of a meal, but fulfilling the empty […]

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