SUNDAY CENTS: ‘Witch Mountain’ takes the crown, ‘Watchmen’ falls hard

Posted by · 5:49 pm · March 15th, 2009

EDITOR’S NOTE: Welcome to the first installment in what will be a weekly column looking at box office here at In Contention.  Chad Hartigan and I attended film school together in another life.  But for the last three years he’s been a box office analyst for Exhibitor Relations.  He’s also tried his hand at making […]

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Calling out the Oscar quote whores

Posted by · 12:28 pm · November 13th, 2008

Almost all critics and bloggers are guilty of it at some time or another — when one is suitably impressed by a particular film or performance, they often express their approval in Oscar-related terms. “So-and-so is Oscar-worthy,” “Start the Oscar buzz now for such-and-such,” and so on. It’s a lazy and fate-tempting practice, and I […]

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