THE LISTS: Top 10 movies I watched with Dad

Posted by · 11:23 am · June 16th, 2009

In case you’re like me and you happen to forget these things throughout the year, let today’s edition of The Lists serve as a reminder: Father’s Day is this weekend! With that in mind, and as a personal tribute of sorts to my pops, who turns 56 today in addition to celebrating his 28th Father’s […]

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TORONTO: Ed Harris on ‘Appaloosa,’ acting and film crticism

Posted by · 12:09 pm · September 7th, 2008

Walking into to interview with any actor/director can be a tad intimidating, even after 20 years of doing it.  They have a tendency to be…difficult.  But 30 minutes into my interview with Ed Harris, he pays me a compliment that could keep wind in my sails for the duration of the fest: “Thank you for […]

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The 80s yielded one great Best Pic winner: ‘Platoon’

Posted by · 5:04 pm · May 10th, 2008

Ten awards for Best Picture were handed out throughout the 1980s, one of the worst decades for film in history, and I’d wager that only “Platoon,” the Oscar winning giant of 1986, can lay claim to being a great film. Oh, that is not to say there were not great films made in the 80s; […]

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