TECH SUPPORT: Best Costume Design — Volume One

Posted by · 11:29 am · October 9th, 2008

The Academy Award for Best Costume Design recognizes, shock of shocks, the clothes and accessories worn by actors in a film.  Clothing can add to the story and express the nature and situation of the characters who wear them. If a single word could be used to describe this category, it would be “period.”  31 of […]

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Paul Cantelon’s beautiful ‘W.’ score

Posted by · 8:57 am · October 4th, 2008

A huge thank you to commenter Markku who points us to’s sampling of Paul Cantelon’s original score for Oliver Stone’s “W.” I have to say, it’s a beautiful piece of work on the whole.  Lots of haunting melodies, plenty of southern flavor here and there, a nice waltz thrown in to emphasize the bumbling […]

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TECH SUPPORT: Pre-Fall Contenders

Posted by · 2:55 pm · September 11th, 2008

While this week is rightly being most noted by awards-watchers for the Toronto International Film Festival, I’m actually going to go a bit of a different route today. I will be sure to comment on the movers and shakers of TIFF next week as the dust begins to settle, however. In a couple of weeks, […]

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